Adventure Diver

PADI Adventure Diver:

Want to take the next step after your Open Water?

This course is super easy, just make three dives, read three (small) chapters of the PADI Advanced Open Water book, answer some questions and viola, you are a PADI Adventure diver!

This course can be done in either one or two days.

Dives available:

Dive_Flag Deep dive

Dive_Flag Night Dive

Dive_Flag Navigation Dive

Dive_Flag Wreck Dive

Dive_Flag Boat Dive

Dive_Flag Drift Dive

Dive_Flag Search and Recovery Dive

Dive_Flag Fish ID Dive

Dive_Flag Underwater Naturalist Dive

Dive_Flag Peak performance Buoyancy Dive

Dive_Flag Under Water Photography Dive.
* Includes all gear, materials and training. There will be bottled water on board the boat.

Time: 8:30 AM
Price: $250usd


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