Cancun may not be as world famous as nearby places such as Cozumel or the caverns, but has unique things to offer that those places don’t have.

We have the largest underwater museum in the world called "MUSA".

Cancun has nice reefs, a lot of marine life and two nice shipwrecks.

A combination of a wreck dive at 85 feet of depth and a reef of 50-60 feet of depth, both in the national marine park in Cancun. The two wrecks we have are sunk as artificial reefs in 2000, and made safe to enter for divers.

Cancun is beautiful underwater. Spectacular night dive enjoying the multicolors of the coral reef, and see the difference in fish behavior.

Our shallow dives (20 - 35 feet) are great for students, snorkelers or divers who haven't been diving for a while. We do this in the afternoon.

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Diving in Cancun